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The name SANSABELT has been synonymous with "Comfort" for decades.  In fact, you can't wear a more comfortable dress pant because our webbed-inner-elastic waistband keeps you looking pulled together and feeling comfy--without a belt.  What keeps this beltless pant from falling down around a man's ankles is a special 2 1/2" webbed-elastic-inner waistband that holds in your shirt, grips your waistline and smoothes your midsection. 

How did Sansabelt begin?

Back in the 1940's, an enterprising young lad named Bud Ruby worked in his dad's company, Jaymar Ruby in Michigan City, Indiana which manufactured overalls. Bud invented a unique rubber grip waistband and came up with a beltless pant that stayed but looked dressy.  He called it “sans-a-belt,” the french phrase for without a belt

Dick Van Dyke wearing Sansabelt pants

Men appreciated the smooth lines of Sansabelt dress pants and how easy it was to move without a strip of leather constricting the waistline. And the shirt stayed neatly tucked and in place!  No more sloppy lines. Sales soared. 

Jaymar Ruby/SANSABELT continued to dominate through the 70's, 80's and early 90's, even after HARTMARX bough it.  When they filed for bankruptcy in 2009, SANSABELT was purchased by a licensing giant named Authentic Brands Group. 

SANSABELT pants stopped production in early 2001 on, and the market became flooded with imitations just didn't do the job. They are still out there today. Menswear veteran named Peter Schwadel bought the license in 2013 and started manufacturing SANSABELT pants using the authentic waistband and the original classic cut pattern. 

He then selected fabrics with the silky feel and drape a natural fiber, plus a bit of stretch, that could be thrown in a machine for easy care.  Even his poly/wools are washable!

What made SANSABELT pants so popular with men so many years ago, still holds today: The 2 1/2- inch webbed-elastic-inner waistband that slims the midsection while keeping the shirt tucked, keeping a man looking polished and professional, day into night.  And without a belt, every man no matter--what his waist size (we go up to size 70!) can look neatly dressed and feel comfortable.

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