Why do 19 Million men wear SANSABELT pants?

The answer is simple:  You can put on a pair of our well-tailored dress slacks and feel as good--     well, almost, as you do in your pajamas. But here are six more good reasons:

  • Our patented SANSABELT 2 1/2”webbed elastic inner waistband smooths your midsection and keeps your shirt neatly tucked in.  And it will withstand dozens of washes without losing its grip.
  • This exclusive webbed inner waistband—ours alone, means you never need a belt...but we’ll be happy to sew in belt loops if you like.

  • Your SANSABELT pants will fit the same way every time.  We use the original SANSABELT classic pattern to precisely cut and tailor each pair that leaves our factory.  
  • Our slacks go up to a waist size of 70--although if you’re a 30 or 32, or anything in between, you’ll have plenty of options, too.
  • You can select from 3 styles in our Classic cut (the original Jaymar Ruby model--                   top pockets with a flat front, side pockets with a flat front, or side pockets with 2-reverse pleats).  Or opt for our top pocket Slim Cut, for the man who prefers a leaner fit.
  • We use 6 premium fabrics that have the drape and weave of expensive silk at a fraction of the cost.  So SANSABELT slacks are not only great looking, they’re easy to care for, too!  Just toss them in the wash--even our poly/wools--and touch up with a warm/cool iron.  

Others have tried to imitate the SANSABELT brand.  They don’t come close.
Look for the word “SANSABELT” stamped on the inner webbed waistband to be sure  you’re getting the real deal.

BONUS: If you order from www.sansabelt.com, the official SANSABELT website, you never have to worry about phony sales.  We will never inflate our base prices to show a bigger markdown.  Plus, we never try to sell you leftover SANSABELT pants made back in the 90’s like other websites try to do.  

We don’t have to. We have 40,000 brand new pairs, in inventory.  And we're making more! Look for denim in the Fall and cottons next spring.

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