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VAN & TEE (Side Pockets/2 Reverse Pleats) 

Our VAN and TEE styles are for men who want the elegance and roomier comfort of pleats. Pleated styles have approx 2 more inches in the seat and thigh areas.  We’ve styled our pleats to face out to the sides, so there’s no bulk. Roomy, straight legs for a loose, easy fit. Features our exclusive 2 1/2” webbed-inner-elastic waistband to grip your shirt, smooth your middle and let you go beltless if you choose.  By the way, in 2020, pleats and wide legs are back in a big way! 
Sizes 30-70. Optional Hemming and / or Belt Loops.
  • $75.00

    This casual, top-pocket favorite features a touch of spandex and our Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waistband for all-day comfort. Waist sizes 30-70. 1 Color.

  • $85.00

    Pleated dress pant in Natural & Microfiber blend. Side pockets. Flexible Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed waistband. Washable. Size 30-60. 3 colors.

  • $85.00

    Poly/twill is a twisted fiber--our weightiest fabric. Pleated style with Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waist. Sizes 30-60. Scotchgard coating. 4 Colors.

  • $85.00

    Pleated poly/wool pant with our Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waistband and 2% spandex for comfort. Sizes 30-70. Washable. 7 Colors.

  • $75.00

    In waist sizes 30-60, this poly/spandex casual pant blend features a pleated front plus our flexible Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waistband. Washable. 2-reverse pleats. 5 Colors.

  • $75.00

    Dress pant in 100% Microfiber. Side pockets, pleated front. Flexible Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed waistband. Washable. Size 30-70. 4 colors.

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