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MADISON (dress pant w natural fibers) 

Our Madison dress pant is a step above when it comes to making a smart impression.  This natural blend fabric drapes beautifully, is breathable and it's stain resistant.  It is made with Naia™, a natural fiber from Eastman, which combines with microfiber, making it extremely resistant to wrinkling.  This fabric also has a faint weave that makes it dressier than our other fabrics. It's ideal for special events like weddings or for hitting the office in style. That superior wrinkle resitance also makes it perfect for travel.  In addition to having more body than our Sharkskin dress pant, this special fabric wicks moisture, dries quickly and it’s hypoallergenic. Available in a rich black, a deep midnight navy and a light tan in side pockets with either pleats or a flat front.  

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