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GABARDINE TWILL (Limited Stock) 

This is our FORMER Gabardine Twill w/Scotchgard & WITHOUT STRETCH**
CLEARANCE PRICES  Limited Inventory  

Gab Twills are a favorite with anyone who loves a sturdy fabric with tightly reinforced seams. Twisted fibers give it additional heft and it is so durable Refs love it.  We've added Scotchgard coating to repel stains and moisture wicking to absorb perspiration.  Typically worn casually with a sportshirt or knit top, this wardrobe staple also looks smart with a jacket. **These Gab Twills are a bit heavier than our new Gab Twills with Stretch.  They also have no spandex.

We are sorry, but not every size is available:  Check availability on each product page.  

Our patented 2 1/2 inch comfort waistband, in sizes 30-70, smooths the midsection and keeps your shirt neatly tucked. It's also super-comfortable. Machine washable and wrinkle resistant.  In classic cut in pleated, top and side pocket models.





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