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BENGALINE (wool/blend w/spandex) 

VERY LIMITED STOCK**. What we have available is all sizes in the Grant model in black, charcoal and med gray (except for 42 and 44).  Sporadic sizes available in the other models on a hit or miss basis.
Enjoy the silky feel of our machine-washable wool blend slacks in a range of 10 colors, including tan, pale red, indigo, deep brown and charcoal gray. This lightweight, 3-season poly/wool blend has a soft drape and a barely visible contrasting thread for rich surface texture. Plus, we've added 2% spandex for flexibility when you sit and move, Waist sizes 30-70. In Classic and Slim Fits.  44% Wool/ 54% Microfiber Poly/ 2% Spandex.

All styles feature our 2 1/2" Sansabelt inner elastic waistband for maximum comfort--with or without a belt.  Machine Washable.     
**Wool prices have risen astonomically and we are waiting for them to come to a more reasonable place.  We don't expect new inventory until at least Fall 2020.
  • $85.00

    Slim cut poly/wool slacks with original Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waistband for all-day comfort. Sizes 30-42. Washable. Soft drape and feel. 10 Colors.

  • $85.00

    Pleated poly/wool pant with our Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waistband and 2% spandex for comfort. Sizes 30-70. Washable. 7 Colors.

  • $85.00

    Washable, poly/wool pant w/ 2% spandex features our patented flexible webbed-inner-waistband, a flat front and side pockets. Sizes 30-60. 7 Colors.

  • $65.00 $85.00
    Reduced price!

    Rich poly/wool pant features original Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waistband for all-day comfort. Sizes 30-70. Top pockets and a flat front. 10 Colors.

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