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Van: Pleated Front/Side Pockets 

For men who love the elegance of pleats, there’s no better look.  Our pleats are stitched to face out to the sides, so there is no bulk.  Plus, they will never bunch up when you are seated, like pleats that face inward.  As with all Sansabelt slacks, our Van style features exquisite tailoring, a straight full leg and our inner webbed waistband so you can go with or without a belt.  Do you carry your weight in your lower half?  Our Van style provides a bit more room in the seat and thigh area for added comfort.

  • $75.00

    Dress pant in 100% Microfiber. Side pockets, pleated front. Flexible Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed waistband. Washable. Size 30-70. 4 colors.

  • $75.00

    In waist sizes 30-60, this poly/spandex casual pant blend features a pleated front plus our flexible Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waistband. Washable. 2-reverse pleats. 5 Colors.

  • $85.00

    Pleated poly/wool pant with our Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waistband and 2% spandex for comfort. Sizes 30-70. Washable. 7 Colors.

  • $85.00

    Poly/twill is a twisted fiber--our weightiest fabric. Pleated style with Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waist. Sizes 30-60. Scotchgard coating. 4 Colors.

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