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MINI CHECK (conservative dress pant )  

You will fall in love with this conservative TINY tonal-check pattern in shades of charcoal, coffee or black. In fact, once you get it home, we think you'll come back and buy it in the other colors! It's an elegant departure from the typical solid pant, but looks just as dressy when topped with a sports jacket.  It's also versatile enough to go casual when you wear it with a knit top.  It features our patented webbed inner elastic waistband that grips your waist, so you can go beltless if you like.  Or add a belt and leave it on a looser notch so you can breathe!  A smart addition to any wardrobe.  Machine washable.  100% Natural Stretch Microfiber Poly

  • $75.00

    Side pockets, a flat front and sharp tonal miniature checks make for conservative stylish look. Sz30-70. Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waistband. 3 Colors.

  • $55.00 $75.00
    Reduced price!

    Tonal miniature checks, classic fit plus our flexible Sansabelt 2 ½“ webbed-inner-waistband. Sz 30-70. Top western pockets/ flat front. 3 Colors.

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