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This morning I heard something both alarming and disappointing on the news.  Scammers are calling seniors to sign them up for the COVID-19 shot.  Preying on their desire to be protected from this horrid pandemic, they ask for your home address to direct you to the nerest vaccine location and then to  verify your identity, ask for a social security or medicare number.  Of course you should hang up immediately, as legitimate sources such as a hospitals or departments of health will never ask for this kind of personal information.  Or don't pick up the phone to begin with, as most of us do, when we don't recognize the number on our caller ID.

Unfortunately right now when we call you from our Sansabelt Florida office, your caller ID will not reveal our company name, so chances are you'll think it's a Robocall.  So we can be sure to connect, may I make a suggestion?

Please add our SANSABELT Florida main Office Phone Number (561) 612-9549 to your contacts so if you're waiting for a return call from us, you can feel comfortable that you'll hear a friendly voice (me!).  You may also feel free to use this number if you ever need to reach us or you may use our (844) 475-2257 toll free line.  I will always get back to you as soon as I can and welcome the chance to help. 

Stay well!

Until next time,


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