You're Out of My Size!

Just a quick note to explain where we are in terms of production.  We have replenished Sharkskin in three styles but some are already selling out.  We also added more Gab Poly Twill with Spandex and we're adding more stock in early Spring 2022.  Also on tap for Spring 2022 is a new cotton/spandex blend which will be perfect for summer in navy and tan.

Poplins and Melange will not be replaced.  The Gab Poly Twill with Spandex is the most similar to our Melange, as it has stretch in the legs and seat.

We are not making more of the bengaline polywools for the foreseeable future unless we find wool prices coming down.  

If you find your size unavailable in the items that we are not replenishing, and you desperately want that fabric or style, you may want to do what many customers are doing.  They wait for a sale, and purchase one size bigger or one size smaller than the size you want that is no longer in stock.  Having saved money with that sale price, they put it toward having the pants let out a full size or taken in by a tailor.  Sansabelt slacks are made to be opened up at the back seam, should the size need adjustment, so your pants will look  great made bigger or smaller.

Meanwhile, if you need help searching for the item in the size you want, please email me or give me a call.  I can quickly check our stock for you.

Stay well!!


844 475-2257


  • stephen zucker

    I need size 44 in navy and black and front pockets I have been looking on your site for over 6 months without success. I have a customer for over 10 years and have purchased many pairs of larger sizes which I cannot wear because I lost eight Lbs If you can assist me in obtaining these pants, I would be very thankful.

  • Kathy

    Dear Mr. Zucker, Please stay close. We are expecting new Sharkskin (in black and navy) and new Gab Poly Twill with Stretch (in black and slate blue) at the end of July. We will be sending notification when these are available to order on our website. If you would like me to call you, I can do so. Best, Kathy

  • larry

    i guess you dont make a size 40 pant

  • Sansabelt Support

    Sure we do...please give me the color and style you are looking for and I will present you with options.

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