How To Find Your Size in Sansabelts


It can be tricky to order pants online but the good news is, with Sansabelt pants, we follow the Jaymar Ruby classic fit pattern so the fit will be the same every time.

Before you buy your first pair, you’ll have to do some measuring. 

Step one.  Do not assume you are a certain size in our pants because that is what you wear in another brand.  Some pant brands fasten under the belly, others a bit higher, so you may be a size 36 in one brand, you may need a 38 or 40 in our slacks. Sansabelt slacks come up higher than most—to just under the belly button, and that is also the  biggest part of your midsection.So if Sansabelts fasten higher up than your other pants, they will need to be a bigger size. 

Step two.  You need a cloth tape which you can buy for a dollar or two at any drugstore.  Wrap the cloth tape around your midsection, approximately an inch below your belly button (this location will differ depending on whether you are long or short waisted).  Pull the tape measure snugly all around, but not so tight that you can’t slip a pinky between your skin and the tape. If you can, get someone to help or check a mirror to make sure the tape doesn\'t dip in the back.

Step three.  When you get that measurement, order your pants without alterations and leave the tags on so you can return or exchange them. 

Are you Between Sizes?

Many men are. We only offer even sizes, except for a handful in 33 and 35, so if you measure a 45 inches around the waist, for example, you have two choices.  If you don’t carry a lot of weight in your seat and thighs, we suggest going down to the next even size (buy the 44).  We put extra fabric in the back seam of all of our pants (between 2 ½ and 3 inches) so once you get them home they can easily be let out by a local tailor and they will look great.  If you carry weight in your seat area, and need a little extra room in that area, buy the 46 and have the tailor take them in to a 45.   

Are we out of stock in your size? 

Since all of our pants are made to be let out at least one full size (eg., 40 to 42) or taken in a full size, grab what we have when it goes on sale and use the savings to get them tailored to fit.

Still nervous about ordering online?

Then do what a lot of our customers do: If you love the idea of a flexible webbed rubber inner waistband that lets you go beltless if you like, purchase that first pair without alterations and if the pants arrive you find they are either too snug or too loose, return them and get your money back or exchange them for the size you need.  If you choose to keep them and get them hemmed locally ask what your inseam is and you will now have a waist an inseam size for a future order should you want us to do the alterations.

What if I decide I want to wear a belt?

While our slacks will stay up beautifully without a belt, you may still be happier wearing one, even if it\'s loosely fastened.  We can add belt loops for a minimal charge or you can have it done yourself.  In the back pocket of every pair of slacks we place a roll of pre-sewn belt loop fabric for future use if you like.  If you are a beltless kind of guy, please do toss it.

Still have questions?  Please call me at 844 475-2257 and I can walk you through how to find your best fit the first time.




  • Kathy schwadel | 11/22/2020 13:30:30

    I am a size 34 in my Haggar pants and for some reason I am a 40 in yours. Is this because I have a big fat belly?

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