Go Fish! Free Fishing Days in 2021

As most of you know our offices are in Florida. Here I am, in the sunshine state, tethered to a computer that has me bleary eyed and looking whiter by the day. Golfing is out, I'm thinking boating requires a boat, and until they make tennis balls much much bigger, there is no way I am going out on the courts.  The gym is my escape, but that's just another indoor activity--one that won't supply me with the healthy doses of vitamin D and gentle breezes that do a body good. 

So it occured to me that perhaps I need to pick up some fishing gear and throw my line into the water.  I've sat with this thought for a while now, because I know you need a fishing license in many cases, and between covid quarantines and my own inertia, I never got around to applying for one.  I've also second guessed myself that I probably won't like it and walking the shore is probably the level of outdoor sport I should settle for.  Still I decided to do a little research and I found a great website called TakeMeFishingIt actually lists state by state when those days are that you can fish without a license.  Oh happy day!

Seems like a fun thing to do with a grandchild, a friend, or just solo, alone with one's thoughts and a cooler filled with treats.  

If I catch anything, you'll be the first to know ;)



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