Put on A Few Pounds?


Keeping off weight can be a challenge as we get older.  

If your wardrobe consists of Sansabelt pants and jeans that don\'t fasten like they used to, there\'s no need to invest in new pants.  Say you typically wear a size 44 but those recent extra pounds have you needing a 46.  You can still wear them.  Sansabelt slacks have always been made to be opened up at the back seam one full size.  In fact, many customers who fall between sizes will do that as a matter of course, because the original Jaymar Ruby pattern took odd sizes into account.  Locate someone handy with a sewing machine to do the simple job of letting them out.  A local dry clearner that does tailoring can accomodate you easily. 

Sansabelt pants have that inner webbed rubber that is flexible but also grips your midsection so the pants remain in place without a belt.

Don\'t Get Hung Up on Waist Size

Some men are so used to taking a certain size, they won\'t budge even when I tell them that our pants ride up higher where the midsection is bigger.  They need new pants and would like to buy a pair, they tell me, but not if there\'s a bigger size on the back label.

They\'ve always been a 40 and find a pair in their closet to prove it.  It\'s not magic.  They\'re looking at slacks that fasten below their bellies where the torso is thinner.  In fact it can be 4-6 inches thinner.  Grab a measuring tape: Measure below your belly, then measure up around your navel.  The higher you go on the midsection with that measuring tape, the bigger the waist size number you will get.

But the News isn\'t All Bad: No Matter What Your Size, You\'ll Look Slimmer in Sansabelts

Sansabelt slacks are made to come up near the belly button area, for a smooth, lean line.  If you go beltless, as the brand is meant to be worn, that long line is unbroken by a belt that cuts you sideways, making you look slimmer and taller.  Pants that fasten under the paunch or belly area just highlight it, and the horizontal belt cuts you in half.   As you can see from the picture below, you\'ll look shorter and heavier in your size 40 Other Brand slacks than you would in a size 42 pair of Sansabelts.

                                                           SANSABELT SLACKS for a lean smooth look                         THE OTHER BRAND

Sansabelts Do Not Expand at the Waist

Many men think our webbed rubber inner waistband will expand a size or two.  Nope.  Sansabelts don\'t expand at all.  They\'d fall down around your ankles if they did; remember this is a beltless brand that hugs your midsection.  Our patented waistband is, in a word, FLEXIBLE.  So you can breathe. 

That makes them a real two-for-one deal:  You can look good and you feel comfortable!

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