Bing Bengaline (Poly Wool, Top Western Pockets/Flat Front, 10 Colors)

  •     Classic Sansabelt Fit w/Top Pockets, Flat Front
  •     Roomy, straight leg fit
  •     Tight stitching found in bespoke tailor shops keeps seams, pockets and crotch area well-reinforced.
  •     2 Back Pockets (one contains roll of belt loop fabric, the other is sewn shut to keep it from sagging while pant hangs in our inventory**.)
  •     Extended Tab, Button Closure
  •     Inner Hook and Eye and inside Button to keep the front flat and smooth.
  •     Zip Fly
  •     Custom Hemming (Inseams from 25" to 36" in half inch increments)
  •     Belt Loops Attached for a nominal charge.
  •     Waist Sizes from 30-70
  •     Original Sansabelt Webbed Inner Waistband
  •     Wrinkle-Resistant
  •     Machine Washable
  •     54% Natural Stretch Microfiber Poly / 44% Wool / 2% Spandex

Care Instructions:
    Machine wash or handwash in lukewarm water.
    Hang to dry or tumble dry low and remove promptly. Cool iron, if needed.

**To Open the Back Pocket:  As with the finest tailored pants, we offer one pocket sewn shut for a smooth look and recommend using the other button pocket for wallets, etc.  However, you may still open it easily.  Grab a tiny pair of cuticle scissors or a seam ripper and carefully cut, stitch by stitch.

Bing Bengaline (Poly Wool, Top Western Pockets/Flat Front, 10 Colors)

Our Bengaline poly/wool feels and looks like the poly/wool slacks you see hanging in high end boutiques.  It is a fine,  breathable fabric that drapes superbly, with a heathered, slightly nubby texture. Add a blazer for a smart, upscale look, or a knit top for more casual occasions. Machine washable.  Plus we've added 2% spandex so you can move comfortably.  Roomy, straight leg fit. If this is your first order, we strongly recommend ordering your pants unaltered (no belt loops or hemming) and leaving the tags on so you can return them if the fit is not right for you. 

Extremely limited in all sizes.  Please click the size availability button below.

Our exclusive SANSABELT 2 1/2" Comfort Elastic Waistband smooths your midsection and keeps your shirt neatly tucked in--without a belt!  It's sturdy enough hold up to sweat, pressure and twisting and to withstand dozens of washes.

How to Measure your Waist and Inseam

More details

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Z20410 Tan 250
Z20406 Indigo 430
Z20407 Light Blue 450
Z20402 Charcoal 010
Z20403 Light Gray 030
Z20401 Black 001
Z20404 Navy 410
Z20405 Brown 200
Z20408 Taupe 260
Z20409 Light Red 600
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By (Las Vegas, Nevada) (Bing Bengaline (Poly Wool, Top Western Pockets/Flat Front, 10 Colors)) :

Better than expected

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I wasn't sure about ordering online but I picked up the Indigo and the Light blue and the colors are perfect. The fabric is nice and light but has the look of wool--great for Vegas climate even when it gets hot.

By (Longview, Texas) (Bing Bengaline (Poly Wool, Top Western Pockets/Flat Front, 10 Colors)) :

Greeting from a happy camper!

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This is a good, reliable pant that gives me just what I need. I'm back for more because I was without Sansabelts for over ten uncomfortable years.

By (Dummyvalue, Michigan) (Bing Bengaline (Poly Wool, Top Western Pockets/Flat Front, 10 Colors)) :

Not heavy enough

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I assumed the pants would have more body. The fit is correct, but pants are too thin, even though they were advertised as "the original" thickness and I paid more for them. Would have sent them back, but I chose to have them seemed.

We always welcome feedback, whether it is positive or negative.
First let me explain: We ARE the Original Sansabelt--Our pants feature the original, Sansabelt webbed elastic inner waistband and our fit is identical to the Sansabelts of old. However, fabrics change. They improve. Today's polyester fabrics, called 'microfiber polyesters', have a finer thread, resulting in a slightly lighter-weight pant that isn't stiff and unbreathable like the older, heavier versions. Go into any high end men's store and you will see pants priced at over $800 that have the same light fabric feel. Microfiber polys are costlier, but we love them because they result in a better drape and more expensive look--similar to a natural fiber. Rest assured that if cared for properly (lukewarm gentle wash) today's Sansabelt pants, with our famous 2 1/2 inch webbed inner waistband, are still built to last.
Our policy is that we only take back unhemmed, unaltered garments, therefore we recommend purchasing that first item or items unhemmed so it can easily be returned or exchanged. Exchanges are always Free. We also suggest trying on a pair at one of the many small retailers that carry us (call our customer support for a location near you).

Customer Support reply
By (Carson City, Michigan, ) (Bing Bengaline (Poly Wool, Top Western Pockets/Flat Front, 10 Colors)) :

Bing Gabardine Top Pocket

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I am pleased to find you still make Gabardine pants. I have worn Sansabelt pants since the 70's. Granted fabrics have changed in this amount of time, but the pants back then were heavier material and always looked good. Since I wear boots most of the time, the flaired pant leg draped very nicely over the boots. That would be nice to have available again. I have worn a lot of pants that have been less expensive and more expensive, but the Sansabelt pants I have had are the best. At 70 years old, I still have 6 pairs that I wear regularly.

Thank you for your taking time to write in. We have a new line of Gabardine Twills about to hit our website this week--in side pockets with both flat front and pleated styles. In early December we will have the Bing, top pocket model in this fabric. The colors for both collections are fresh and new so please stay tuned :)
If you every need help, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Customer Support reply
By (White Lake, Michigan) (Bing Bengaline (Poly Wool, Top Western Pockets/Flat Front, 10 Colors)) :


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By (Arcadia, ) (Bing Bengaline (Poly Wool, Top Western Pockets/Flat Front, 10 Colors)) :

Disappointed in Change of Denim Fabric

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Bought a pair of denim jeans several years ago and the fabric was a soft real dressy material. The jeans you offer now is a flimsy fabric not at all 'dressy material'! Wish you offered your jeans in the old material.

Thank you for your product review on our website. Far from being flimsy, our current Denim Jeans are a sturdy, heavy soft cotton with spandex. They are not meant to be dressy but many men will wear them to work on casual days. What you are recalling are the denims from the 70's when Sansabelt had beltless jeans in a lightweight dressy fabric. Many were bell bottoms. I do not expect that our production team will be making that style in the near future, but every style I have ever seen eventually comes back, so you never know!
We appreciate that you took time to write in, however.

Customer Support reply
By (San Josel, California) (Bing Bengaline (Poly Wool, Top Western Pockets/Flat Front, 10 Colors)) :

Excellent--wore them on a cruise

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Lightweight--really nice in warmer weather bc they say wool breathes.
It is a nice light fabric that feels cool on the body and stays looking pretty wrinkle free.

By (RIVERTON, Wyoming) (Bing Bengaline (Poly Wool, Top Western Pockets/Flat Front, 10 Colors)) :

Need a tan pair

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I have 6 colors and this is a great fabric. Love sanzabelt

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