To Our Beloved Sansabelt Customers,

I am sorry to tell you we have exhausted all options for a new tailored pant factory.  We lost our tailored pant manufacturer nine months ago (they closed as life became more casual since the pandemic and they lost several big clients). We've reviewed samples from 8 potential replacements but none can do the fine professional tailoring that Sansabelt pants require. We saw buckled waistbands, stitches that don't hold up or a fit that is off. The quality is just not there.


Sadly we are in the final inning and are several weeks out from shutting down this website. We will not be back after that, but as you know, our company licenses this brand. Once we close, another company may license it, but there is no guarantee.


I am so sorry to be the bearer of bad news for those of you who love your Sansabelts. As you all know you can have the pants taken in or let out a full size so buy what you can, while you can.

Stay well, everyone.  I’ve loved working with you!


Phone service has been discontinued. I know some of you have trouble using computers so my best suggestion for the next few weeks is to grab a teenager or grandchild to help you. :)

We will have sporadic and limited coverage for answering emails as we wind down at

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