I take a size 40 in all my pants.  Yours don't fit me.  How do I know they are sized correctly?

We recommend in several places on our website that you NEVER use the size you wear in other brands to buy our slacks.  Other brands come to a different place on the midsection than Sansabelt which are a higher rise.  You can be a 40 in another brand like Haggars, Ralph Lauren, Levis and take a 44 in our pants because as you go up the midsection the body tends to get wider.  We tell you to always do two things 1) Do the measurement with a tape measure as we recommend on every product page and 2) If this is your first time buying our pants, always buy them unaltered so you can return them if your measurement is not exact.

As for our pant sizing, you will know your Sansabelts are sized correctly by doing the following.  If the tag says 40, they will measure 20 inches across when you lay them flat on a table, face up, zipped up and run a tape measure across the waistband.

Are the pants on your website genuine Sansabelt pants?

Yes. We purchased the Sansabelt license in 2013 and we are the only company in the United States that can manufacture and sell authentic Sansabelt pants with the exclusive 2 1/2 inch inner waistband developed by the Jaymar Ruby Company in 1952.  Look inside at our inner webbed waistband for our name and you'll know your pants are genuine Sansabelts--the world's most comfortable pants. We make one rise--the Regular Rise.  Please make sure you order your slacks unaltered the first time as previous licensees took liberty with the pattern and made long rises that were 1/2 inch longer than our current regular rise.

How do I know my size?  Is there a store where I can try them on?  

We have tried to sell specialty and department stores but they are struggling like many brick and mortar establishments, are not willing to invest in carrying our line. We recommend if you have never tried our pants before, order your pants unhemmed, un belt looped and leave the tags on and if you are not happy, you may return them for a refund of your purchase price.  

Why won't you take back hemmed or belt looped pants?

We don't do it to be difficult.  Our pants are stored in our warehouse at an unhemmed 37 inch length and we custom hem and/or add belt loops as we process each order.  It is not possible for  us to store every possible permutation of inseam and size in our warehouse, and find a way to resell.  This is why we urge you to order that first pair unhemmed and ask you to check a box that hemmed or otherwise altered items may not be returned.

Do you make a Long Rise ?

We do not.  All our slacks come in a REGULAR RISE and 99.9% of our customers are happy with the fit, but if they do not suit you, you can return them if they are not altered and still have tags on for a refund of your purchase price.  Our regular rise is only 1/2 inch shorter than the previous long rise in the original classic fit pattern we use for our pants.  Many have expressed that the old 'long' and 'short' rises were more a marketing concept than anything else.

What is the difference between the fabrics you are using versus the old Sansabelt fabrics?

Over the last twenty years polyester fabrics have evolved into microfiber polyesters that have a silky feel, hang beautifully and stay wrinkle free.  And unlike the dacron polyester pants produced back in the Jaymar-Ruby and Hart Marx days, these higher quality poly fabrics are breathable, so you won't feel like you are wrapped in cellophane. Some of our pants are 100% poly microfiber, and others have 3% spandex.  In general, they are lighter in weight than pants produced in the 80's and 90's.

Our poly wools incorporate a fine wool with microfiber poly to achieve maximum drape and comfort.  They contain 54% wool, 44% poly and 2% spandex for a bit of give.

The gabardine twills are made with microfiber as well, so even though they are a slightly heavier weight than our other pants, they have a beautiful drape.  These are most like the old Sansabelt pants, often referred to as the 2043's.

Our new denims are made with a premium cotton plus 2% spandex for a softness and flexibility typical of your favorite broken in denims.

Do I have to register with your site to order items?

Absolutely not. You may check out as a guest. But there are benefits to registering:

  • We will notify you by e-mail of special customer promotions and deals--we generally run 3-4 sales a month.

  • You will be able to leave a product review.  Guests do not have this option.

  • Your personal information, such as shipping and billing name and address is saved so you don't need to re-enter it each time you order.

  • We store your order history so you can refer back to sizes and colors you've ordered in the past.

  • You can set up a wish list.

  • Finally, we will use your email address to confirm your online order, let you know if we have received your return and even tell you when your item is ready to ship.

  • We promise we will not bombard you with emails. So order as a guest if you prefer, or you can even phone in or fax your order.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not. Currently we only serve the US (including HI and AK) and Canada, however, we hope to offer international shipments in the future.

Do you hem and put on belt loops?

We will hem your pants to your inseam length at a nominal charge. We are also happy to sew on belt loops if you like, for a small fee.   Please note that you may not return altered (hemmed or belt looped) merchandise. 

Can I send my pants back to you to be hemmed or have belt loops added?

We provide hemming and belt loops during the order process only.  
We offer a roll of belt loop material in the back pocket of every pair of pants we sell, easily affixed by a local tailor if you decide down the line to add them.

Do I have to dry clean your pants?

Absolutely not.  All of our pants, wash up beautifully, and are wrinkle resistant but will usually require ironing.  Sansabelts are machine washable at a warm to cool temperature.  You can hang them to dry or stick them in a dryer on a cool setting and take them out quickly.  The exclusive Sansabelt waistband is built to withstand years of wash and wear because it is carefully webbed to keep its shape.

Question about your Fabrics;  How does a Melange differ from a Poplin or Sharkskin?  And what makes the Bengaline different? Finally, what is this Gabardine Twill about?

If you are a golfer or you live in a warm weather climate, pick up some Poplins--they are the lightest weight fabric we have and with a palette that includes Stone, French Blue and Red, offer a pop of color on the links.  The Melange really has no discernible weave, but is a richly colored pant that pairs with a sweater or a jacket for a neat, casual look; it is our heaviest weight fabric in this new line.  Sharkskin is for the man who wants a dressier slack and features a subtle weave.  It is not a shiny fabric as some think the name implies.  It is subtly textured, comes in an array of conservative colors--navy, brown, dark and light gray, taupe and black and can take you to work or occasions where others may be dressed up in suits and you want to look your best, especially if you pair it with a blazer.  All of the above are 100% stretch poly, except for the Melange which has 2% spandex.  By the way, the Mini Check is one of our all time favorites--a pure poly microfiber that features a subtle check in light and dark gray, coffee and tan or shades of black and charcoal.  When you see the pant full size, the checks are not visible...scroll down and to the left and click the actual rectangular swatch and you will see how beautiful yet sophisticated this pattern really is.

Our Bengaline is our poly/wool blend and comes in ten colors ranging from tan to light blue to medium gray to a rich dark royal blue.  If you look closely at the Bengaline swatch on our website (pick a light color to really get the effect) you will see that it has texture and an almost heathered effect.  This is the perfect pant for men who want a sophisticated look that can be dressed up or down.

The Gabardine Twill pants are back for all you fans of the former 2043 Gab Twills.  They are a heavier-weight fabric that many men prefer.  We've improved the look and feel of this fabric and added Scotchgard to repel stains and Moisture Wicking to absorb perspiration.  They come in all three styles.

Finally our Denim is a premium long fiber cotton that moves with you because we've added a bit of spandex for maximum comfort.

I have bulky thighs.  Is there a difference between the pleated and flat front pants? 

Our pleated pants have a full 2 inches more in the thigh area than our flat front pant so consider sticking with our pleated Van models.  The pleated style also has more inches in the seat area--depending on the pant size it can be up to 3 inches more. 

What other products do you offer besides pants?

We offer a Sansabelt raincoat, a packable jacket and bomber a jacket--our most popular outerwear item, all with mesh stretch fabric in the lining of the shoulder area for freedom of movement on our website.  

How do I know my online order is secure?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that any information you provide us is kept securely. We use First Data's payment gateway, called Payeezy, a state of the art shopping cart.  Payeezy encrypts your credit card information and then tokenizes the card number into a unique string of digits, so your credit information can never be read as it travels over the internet.  Similarly, we retain no payment information in our customer support back office.  If we need to issue you a credit or refund, we access your order in First Data under transactions for that day and apply the credit, without ever seeing an iota of your credit card information.

Not every website takes steps to encrypt your data thoroughly.  If you have additional questions, please email us.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept personal check, bank checks and money orders.  No paypal at this time.

When is my credit card charged?

Your card is charged when you submit your order.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

We typically ship the same day if your order comes in before noon and does not require hemming, or the next day. During peak holiday periods and big sales you may figure an day or two to ship, but we are big fans of moving as quickly as possible to get your order out to you!

We use USPS Priority to ship which averages one to three days depending on where you live.  

Do you price adjust if an item I buy goes on sale shortly after I place it?

We are very sorry but we are unable to make price adjustments.

How do I return an item?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Unaltered items may be returned by mail within 30 days with original tickets attached. We regret we cannot accept hemmed items or items with belt loops added for return or exchange.  All returned items must also have original labels and tags affixed. To return an item, enclose our return form (found in our return policy) the packing slip you received with your shipment or print a copy of your confirmation email with your name address and order number on it:  

The address for returns is:

Darn It! Inc.
686 Belleville Ave.
New Bedford, MA 02745
We highly recommend you use a shipping method that allows you to track your package.

Upon receipt of your package, we will refund the purchase amount via your original method of payment. If the refund has been applied to a credit card, it may take one or two billing cycles before you see the refund to your account.  We will mail you a check if you payed by check or money order.

Do you offer gift cards?

Currently we do not, but we hope to in the near future.

How do I change or cancel my order?

We regret we cannot make changes to orders once they are placed.

If I don't see an answer to my question here, how may I contact you?

  • Click the Email Us button at the top left of this website.  We will respond quickly, usually within hours.

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