Van Sharkskin  (Pleated Front Side Pockets)

  •     Classic Sansabelt Fit w/Side Pockets, Pleated Front
  •     Roomy, straight leg fit
  •     Tight stitching found in bespoke tailor shops keeps seams, pockets and crotch area well-reinforced.
  •     2 Back Pockets (one contains roll of belt loop fabric, the other is sewn shut to keep it from sagging while pant hangs in our inventory**.)
  •     Extended Tab, Button Closure
  •     Inner Hook and Eye and inside Button to keep the front flat and smooth.
  •     Zip Fly
  •     Free Hemming (Inseams from 25" to 36" in half inch increments)
  •     Belt Loops Attached for a nominal charge.
  •     Waist Sizes from 30-70
  •     Original Sansabelt Webbed Inner Waistband
  •     Wrinkle-Resistant
  •     Machine Washable
  •     100% Natural Stretch Microfiber Poly

Care Instructions:
    Machine wash or handwash in lukewarm water.
    Hang to dry or tumble dry low and remove promptly. Cool iron, if needed.

**To Open the Back Pocket:  As with the finest tailored pants, we offer one pocket sewn shut for a smooth look and recommend using the other button pocket for wallets, etc.  However, you may still open it easily.  Grab a tiny pair of cuticle scissors or a seam ripper and carefully cut, stitch by stitch.

Van Sharkskin (Pleated Front Side Pockets)

The Van Sharkskin, in 100% natural-stretch microfiber poly, features 2-reverse pleats with roomy side pockets. This fabric has a subtle weave (click on the pant in taupe to really appreciate it) and a matte (no-shine) finish. The fabric's luxurious feel along with the elegant front pleats make it a classic dress pant.  We've positioned the pleats so they face outward, so you never have to worry about the fabric bunching up when you sit.  Roomy, straight leg fit.

Our exclusive SANSABELT 2 1/2" Comfort Elastic Waistband smooths your midsection and keeps your shirt neatly tucked in!  It's sturdy enough hold up to sweat, pressure and twisting and to withstand dozens of washes.

How to Measure your Waist and Inseam

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Z30102 Dark Gray 020
Z30106 Taupe 260
Z30101 Black 001
Z30104 Navy 410
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By (Brick, New Jersey) on May 01, 2018 (Van Sharkskin (Pleated Front Side Pockets)) :

Amazingly comfortable pants

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The fabric is light but rich looking like silk. They do need ironing for the crease to stay as sharp as I like it.

By (Imperial, Missouri) on March 07, 2018 (Van Sharkskin (Pleated Front Side Pockets)) :

out of my size!!

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When will you be getting more taupe in size 40??????

We will be getting additional sharkskins in your size in a variety of colors in mid spring so get on our mailing list. There will be a big sale.

Customer Support reply
By (Lago Vista, Texas) on January 08, 2018 (Van Sharkskin (Pleated Front Side Pockets)) :

Agree 100%

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By (Louisvillr, Kentucky) on November 07, 2017 (Van Sharkskin (Pleated Front Side Pockets)) :

Can't wait til these are back in stock

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I have 2 in size 44 black and need some navy. The best pants ever!

By on September 30, 2017 (Van Sharkskin (Pleated Front Side Pockets)) :

Sharp looking on my size 48 hubby!

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His stomach does not spill out over his pants when he wears your slacks :)

By (Lakeland, Florida) on August 01, 2017 (Van Sharkskin (Pleated Front Side Pockets)) :

well made, good fabric

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I was a tailor for over 50 years. These pants are made like the designer suit slacks I used to tailor. I will also say that if I did not know this was microfiber I never would have guessed. Good job, Sansabelt. Let's have some 100% wools even if you have to charge more.

By (Chicago, Illinois) on June 05, 2017 (Van Sharkskin (Pleated Front Side Pockets)) :

Great pants

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I bought all 3 colors for my boyfriend and he says they are lightweight and super comfy!! I am a seamstress and these are quality seams and truly a fine fabric for this price.

By (OKC, ) on April 20, 2017 (Van Sharkskin (Pleated Front Side Pockets)) :

Always out of stock

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I wore sansabelt exclusively in the 70's when many retailers in my area carried them. I could joy find for years then viola the google search linked me together. Hopes were high! Now after numerous and I do mean numerous efforts to purchase sale and non sale they have NEVER HAD MY SIZE 36, how difficult is it to keep size 36? Pretty common size huh? Great pant messed up website. UGH still no Sansabelt trousers in my closet.

We are going back into production on our Sharkskin slacks and your size back will be back up on our website in late Fall. Size 36 does sell out quickly and it is not possible to just go back and make one or two sizes and maintain a good price. We are sorry to disappoint you and hope you will try us again at the end of the year.

Customer Support reply
By (Grayslake, Illinois) on March 10, 2017 (Van Sharkskin (Pleated Front Side Pockets)) :

feel like cary grant

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These are the old, elegant style that remind me of Bogie and Grant. Solidly made. Usually throw on a belt but bec. the pants stay up I don't make it tight.

By (Lansing, ) on January 27, 2017 (Van Sharkskin (Pleated Front Side Pockets)) :


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I just received my order for Van Sharkskin Sansabelt slacks. The material surpassed my expectations. It looks and feels like quality suit material. Washability and stain resistance still to be evaluated.

Thank you for

Customer Support reply
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